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11 podcasts for readers, writers and story lovers

It used to be that I would listen to the radio while driving around, but since being introduced to podcasts a number of years ago, my commutes have been completed listening to some funny and interesting conversations and some incredible stories. My podcast list is stupidly long (and consequently my backlog to listen to is unrealistic), so rather than regale you with every single podcast I subscribe to, I thought I’d highlight those I enjoy for the readers and writers among you.

The Allusionist

A great little podcast for those interested in linguistics or idioms. Always walk away having learned something new, and the host keeps what could be a dry subject amusing.

The Book Hub

This is only a new addition as it’s ABC Radio National’s new book podcast, replacing Books and Arts Daily. There have only been two episodes but I love hearing author interviews and general news about the publishing world, so I think this will stay in my rotation.

The Book Review

The New York Times book review podcast has interviews, looks at publishing news, and latest reads.

The Bookshelf

This is another new one from ABC Radio National so there has only been one episode so far, but I’m enjoying it already. I could talk about books with friends for hours, and this seems to be the podcast that’s embraced that ideal.


Fascinating true stories! This one gets my imagination going.

Ear Hustle

Not strictly a ‘reading’ podcast but I had to share this one because it’s been my latest binge listen. Stories told by the inmates of San Quentin prison of life in jail. Fascinating, and you could use it as research for your own writing.

Imaginary Worlds

For the science fiction or fantasy fans, each episode focuses on something from the genre.


If you like thrillers, local legends, and spookiness, this is great to send your imagination into overdrive.

So You Want To Be A Writer

A podcast from the Australian Writers’ Centre featuring tips about all things writerly – freelancing, building an author platform, finding inspiration, and so on. Each episode answers listener questions, discusses other online articles about writing, and features an interview with a writer, editor or publisher.

The Way I Heard It

Mike Rowe presents bite-sized stories (under 10 minutes generally) he’s written of a historical person, although let’s be honest, my crush on Mike Rowe means he could read me his grocery list and I’d probably subscribe to hear it regularly. Some episodes are also on YouTube.

World Book Club

A monthly book club presented from the BBC. This has featured a number of my favourite authors and books over the years, and I love hearing the audience Q&A sessions with the authors.

There are so many others I could have included in this post, but the list would have just become too massive. Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have any that I should add to my subscriptions?

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  1. Wow. I spend a large part of each day listening to podcasts (exercising, drowning out the cricket on tv, driving etc) and there were so many in your list I haven’t come across before.
    Thanks for the leads to a few new subscriptions – I’m always on the lookout for listening material.
    One podcast I’ve really been enjoying lately is The Moth. Real-life stories told live on stage, and a very diverse range of topics.

    • Melinda Kovac Melinda Kovac

      Ooh I’ll have to check that one out!

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