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Month: September 2017

Being honest with oneself

I can’t believe we are already at the start of September, and that it’s been quite a few months since my last update! I can honestly say that a lot has happened so far this year and my writing journey has had a few hurdles along the way. Not all of these hurdles have been unpleasant, that’s for sure. The wedding in March was obviously a highlight, and in July/August we enjoyed two weeks in New York City for our honeymoon, which was just a dream come true!

Something I have recently had to reassess was my reasons for continuing an Honours in creative writing when my brain was screaming at me in displeasure about having to do it. Although I still love reading historical fiction and had the bare bones of what I thought would make an interesting story, being faced with all the research around the history versus fiction debate, postmodernism and new historicism (and other –isms) was overwhelming and a constant weight on my shoulders.