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Melinda Kovac is a writer of short stories, historical fiction, young adult novels and memoir who is working on her first novel. She recently had a short non-fiction piece published in The Secret Lives of Writers, edited by Diane Lee.

Melinda also has her own copywriting, editing and proofreading business, MKK Communications, should you need any of those services.

She has enjoyed writing and reading for as long as she can remember, and enjoys a range of genres. In fact, she will pretty much read anything except for romance novels and westerns. They’re just not her thing. Her favourite authors, in no particular order, include Tim Winton, Richard Flanagan, Markus Zusak, Stephen King, Charles Dickens and Jonathan Franzen.

Buying books is her major addiction. She has almost 500 books just in her TBR bookshelves, yet she keeps borrowing books from the library, borrowing books from friends, and adding to her own collection whenever there’s a sale. She also loves cheese, but that’s a whole other thing.

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