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Checking in on my writing goals

Back in January I set myself some writing goals for this year – goals that I thought were realistic and achievable. With May already upon us I thought it was a good opportunity to check in and see how things are going (hint: badly) and to reset some of the goals if needed (hint: this is needed). So without further ado, it is time to rip this bandage off and rub salt into the wound of my neglected writing goals (and my lack of sleep means poor clichés)!

Blog at least once a week on each of my blogs

Unfortunately this only lasted for about two weeks, and then I got bogged down with wedding planning. I’m going to grade myself a D as there is still opportunity for improvement (even though I won’t ever catch up on those weeks I neglected).

In addition, blog weekly for the #52essays2017 challenge

I knew this one would be tricky until after my thesis was handed up and, again, this only lasted two weeks, not so much due to the thesis as due to the wedding. I don’t really have any motivation to pick this up again this year so might just give myself an F and try again next year.

Send monthly newsletters to my subscribers

Well I managed to get a newsletter out but then because things were so quiet on the blog and writing front I didn’t have any news to send out, so I intend to give myself a D, pick this up again and move forward.

Complete and submit my thesis by 26 May 2017

I ended up taking a leave of absence for a few months so this is now not due until the end of October. Rather than grade this I think I’ll just amend the due date and keep working at it.

Work on a story at least once a fortnight

No surprises that this is also a big fat fail! I want to make this a priority.

Finish the ‘Build Your Author Platform’ course

Finally, one I’ve actually ticked off the list! This one is done and dusted – an A for effort!

Enrol in and complete the ‘Make Time to Write’ course

I suspect this will get more of a look towards the end of this year once study dies down. For now, it has no grade, as there is still time.

Attend a day at Adelaide Writers’ Week

Well, technically this is a fail as I didn’t attend this year, but that was a conscious decision I made as there weren’t any writers I was particularly interested in seeing on the only day I was available. I don’t feel bad about not hitting this target.

Send a letter or an email to an author who inspires me

I haven’t done this yet but I still intend to, so this is still an active and achievable goal.

Publish a story

This is highly unlikely to occur this year given all of the above reasons (not least of which is that I haven’t been working on a story once a fortnight as planned). I think this one needs to be removed off the 2017 list and added to 2018.

So there we have it! Overall a dismal start to the year but I intend to get some of these back on track, and others more realistically need to be postponed to another year or removed entirely. Such is life. The key is not to lose motivation due to my poor start and give up entirely, right?

How are your goals for the year tracking?

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  1. At least you get an A for humour! And in my recent experience of school reports, the first semester report is sometimes a clanger – used to inspire better effort and better grades for the end of year report.
    Good on you for taking stock and being honest with where you’re at.
    And a huge congratulations on your wedding! All is forgiven!

    • Melinda Kovac Melinda Kovac

      Thanks so much Marie! I like your thinking regarding the first semester clanger. I’ll go with that! 🙂

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