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Melinda Kovac Posts

Losing the plot

Not only has my blogging been extremely sporadic of late, but so has my writing in general. The reason? I have completely lost the plot. Obviously I don’t mean in the literal sense (that would just be weird), but I have lost my direction and am questioning what I had begun. Has this happened to you?

My Liebster Award


I am honoured that the lovely Diane Lee recently nominated me for a Liebster Award, a blogging award that, Google tells me, recognises and promotes new and upcoming blogs. Thank you so much, Diane! Although this is, indeed, a very new blog, I’ve been blogging on various platforms since around 2003 and it’s lovely to receive recognition.

The 5 books that have changed my life

A discussion with my partner over the weekend got me thinking about the books that have had the most impact on my life. It’s actually a really tricky question. I have had the pleasure of enjoying so many books and some have rocketed to the top of my favourites list, but I wouldn’t necessarily say there have been too many that have had an actual impact. So, I thought back to those books that changed my thinking or my behaviour, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

Finding ideas for stories

The clichéd question to ask an author seems to be the classic, ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ One of the things I have learned as I sail this writing journey is that there is no clear answer to this question. Artists of all formats find ideas and inspiration in the strangest of places. I remember hearing an interview with Roald Dahl once where he mentioned getting his ideas during his dreams, and the need to write them down as soon as he woke up so he wouldn’t forget them. Once, according to my former poetry teacher, I wrote my best (and only proper) poem when we did an exercise where we had to look at a painting and write a poem based on that.

I don’t have one clear, single answer to the question about where my ideas come from, so this blog post provides a snapshot of some of the strange ways in which I find inspiration.

The 8 authors who will always take my money

I am a publisher’s or marketer’s dream customer. I am one of those people who will snap up new books by certain authors without having read any reviews about their latest book, simply because I either really admire them as people, or because people I admire have recommended them, or because I have read some of their work and have enjoyed what I’ve read to date. My book buying addiction, coupled with this, has led to my bookshelves being full of way too many books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet because my favoured authors maintain a solid publishing schedule (how dare they!). Surely I’m not alone in this though; is this something you do, too?

So who is it that ‘gets’ me in an author/reader relationship sense? The following are presented in no particular order.