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The 8 authors who will always take my money

I am a publisher’s or marketer’s dream customer. I am one of those people who will snap up new books by certain authors without having read any reviews about their latest book, simply because I either really admire them as people, or because people I admire have recommended them, or because I have read some of their work and have enjoyed what I’ve read to date. My book buying addiction, coupled with this, has led to my bookshelves being full of way too many books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet because my favoured authors maintain a solid publishing schedule (how dare they!). Surely I’m not alone in this though; is this something you do, too?

So who is it that ‘gets’ me in an author/reader relationship sense? The following are presented in no particular order.

Stephen King

I’ve been reading Stephen’s books since I was around 12 years old (perhaps a little young for his horror novels, but the damage is well and truly done by now). I love the way his books get my imagination going into overdrive and I think he’s the master of the opening sentence. It is rare that I’ll not enjoy a Stephen King book, so no matter how many he releases, I just keep buying them.

Chuck Palahniuk

Since Fight Club I have been hooked on Chuck. I admit I don’t always love his books, but I find his writing so original and unique, and he actually seems like he’d be a pretty cool guy in person too. I even read his Fight Club comic books (Chuck tragic, here).

Tim Winton

Cloudstreet is one of my favourite books of all time and Tim is such a beautiful soul that I get excited when I hear he has a new book out. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see him speak in person yet, as I missed out on a ticket when he was visiting Adelaide on his Eyrie book tour, so that’s one of my goals. He is one of my literary crushes (he’s a writer who surfs; I never stood a chance).

Max Barry

So I have to admit that I only started reading Max’s novels because he happened to play Battlefield 1942 online and so did I and we knew the same people (I met his wife once), so this wasn’t a traditional introduction to an author’s works. But I’ve kept buying them long after Battlefield 1942 online leagues ended because he’s actually really talented (fancy that!) and takes a satirical view on a lot of heavy topics. I still get excited when I see him on ABC’s Book Club or hear him getting interviewed on the radio.

Paullina Simons

A friend of mine whose taste in fiction I aligned closely with once recommended I read some of Paullina Simons’ books. So I went and bought every single one she’s ever released (as you do) even though so far I have only had a chance to read one. I do intend to read the rest though, obviously, but perhaps until I do I should stop buying everything she releases.

Jonathan Franzen

One thing you should know about me is how much I love Mr Franzen’s novels. I am not a big fan of his non-fiction as yet, but his fiction moves me. He writes characters I love, characters I hate, and those I am indifferent to, and I always wind up missing them when the book is over. He’s appearing at the Sydney Writer’s Festival next month and I am so disappointed I can’t get there.

Ian McEwan

I have a bit of catching up to do with Ian’s back catalogue but Atonement made me cry, and it’s rare that a book makes me cry. Like Paullina, I have a bunch of his books in my shelves I am yet to read, so if he’d kindly stop writing for a while, perhaps I could catch up.

Diane Lee

Diane is an independent, self-published author who I am lucky to call my friend. She is also extremely talented and produces raw and honest writing in both fiction and non-fiction. I recommend you get onto her books (currently being sold on Amazon) because she’s going places, I can feel it.

So there you have it, the 8 authors who I seem to constantly shell out money for, even when I don’t have the time to read their books. I am sure if I went looking through my bookshelves there’d be others who would end up on this list (I am already thinking of Markus Zusak, but thankfully he hasn’t released too many as yet) but these are the ones who popped into my head as I sat at my desk.

Whose books are you financially addicted to?

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  1. Linda white Linda white

    I’ve got to stop buying Kathy reich books feel dirty reading them because they are so predictable and why not just watch bones ? Yet they are my secret read. I also buy way too many motivational and business books and books about morality – you know those unethical social experiment books… Human behaviour is so fascinating!

    • Melinda Kovac Melinda Kovac

      Haha, unless you’re reading dirty books you have nothing to feel dirty about!

  2. Peta Peta

    Paullina Simons for me – I have her new one but haven’t found the time to read it yet! Ever since The Bronze Horseman I’ve been hooked!!

    • Melinda Kovac Melinda Kovac

      I really must hurry up and read some more of her books that are in my shelf. The only one I’ve read so far is Tully, which I really liked.

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